Thursday, January 15, 2009

Scattered Thoughts...

- Mrs. Copeland is from Taupo and taking a break at the hotel from nursing her ailing husband. He has been sick for sometime. Very sad.

- The morning air has been chilly, I have seen my breath. I think anyone from the midwest might kill me for saying that.

- The lake is stunning first thing in the morning, often very placid.

- Sometimes I think the hotel I work in should be a reality show, there is always so much drama.

- I have 5 DAYS OFF...I am not kidding, but heading up to Auckland later today for my first weekend out of Taupo.

- Taupo has been very busy. You can tell it is summer.

- I saw a story a week ago about how nobody has died because of an accident on a commercial airline jet. I guess that statistic stays the same today after the flight from NYC.

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