Thursday, January 15, 2009



Every moment of travel isn’t ‘hunky dory.’ When you are away from everything of comfort there will be periods of ‘ homesickness.’ This trip I have felt a few days of homesickness.

The day I arrived was probably the worst. I arrived in Auckland, and my nerves got the best of me. There were a couple of tearful moments when I was able to get in touch with Kevin. It was so difficult leaving him and the rest of my family the previous day, but I knew this trip was necessary.

The holidays brought another round of homesickness. This year I worked a lot of hours between Christmas, Boxing Day and New Years, which made the holiday even worse. There were too many ‘bah-humbugs’ in the workplace, and too many fun family activities happening back in the States. It was most difficult using Skype during my grandfather’s 80th birthday and Christmas celebration. My family was having such a great time huddled around the fire during the winter storm happening outside.

What is the best way to rid yourself of homesickness? Well, first I think there would be a major problem if you weren’t feeling some homesickness. Admitting, you are feeling alone, or missing your family is the initial step to feeling better. Second, talking to the person you miss. I probably wouldn’t be there without Kevin or my family if modern technology weren’t available. Skype has helped me still feel part of life back home, while being able to live life here. Plus, it is better to have a face-to-face conversation opposed to a telephone call any day. Third, doing something a bit out of the ordinary with the people you are missing. I usually send a heartfelt letter or email to whomever I am missing, it helps me and helps the other party understand your feelings towards them.

There isn’t a cure or medication to help with homesickness, but it can be dealt with to reduce possible issues. It is part of long-term travel to miss everything familiar. I am sure my issues with it will get better with all the upcoming visitors I have, they start rolling in next month!

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