Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend in Auckland...

Weekend in Auckland…

I decided it was time to take a weekend off. Over the last 3 months I have spent a lot of time working, many weekends waiting tables, making drinks and portering bags. I needed to get to the city.

My mate Douglas invited me to stay with him and his flatmate Trevo for the weekend. I arrived on Friday evening and Douglas and I met J.C. out for some dinner and drinks. It was a great evening.

On Saturday we got up to meet Douglas’s mate Bain, whom I have chatted online with several times. We went on some short tramps around several Auckland area parks. Our ultimate goal was to head off to a secluded and massive beach. It was such an interesting place. Strange rock formations, caves, swampy areas, and even a desert like beach. I can’t express the massiveness of it. We only saw one fisherman and a couple during our time on the beach.

We were like teenagers on the beach. Creating Sphinx, Pyramids, Airports, and Hotels in the sand. We jumped in the cold, active sea, and enjoyed our time out there.

On Saturday night, we had a small barbecue with Bain and his flatmate along with a few others.

Sunday was a day to lie in, which was needed. After a nice breakfast, we went out to Mt. Victoria and spent time in Devonport, an Auckland suburb. The views were absolutely amazing. The water was blue, the hills were green, and the clouds were like cotton.

We spent time going through the former watchtowers and learning a bit more about the large guns and Maori history on the area.

Finally, at the end of the trip another beautiful barbecue with many of Douglas and Trevo’s friends. It was a brilliant end to a fantastic weekend!

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