Monday, April 13, 2009

Here We Go...

And I am off, it is time to start traveling. Over the next 90-odd days I am going to be moving on around the world. First, of course, New Zealand. I will start with stops in Wellington, Nelson, and Golden Bay. I will go back to Auckland to pick up my parents. We will spend a night in Taupo and then fly off to the deep south and explore Dunedin, the Caitlins, Milford, Te Anau, and Queenstown before they fly back to the United States. I will be going up to Christchurch and then over to the West Coast via train before going back up to Auckland.

At the end of May I will be going to Niue in the middle of the South Pacific for a week. After Niue I am going to Australia to revisit my old stomping grounds in Sydney and to see the sun in the Northern Queenstown city of Cairns.

After, Australia I am leaving for Thailand and its stunning scenery. Then off to spiritual India and the Taj Mahal. The heat will continue in Egypt where I will hopefully see the Pyramids. After Egypt, I move on to Europe and see the idyllic beaches of Croatia. Then it is on to the Mediterrean where I will work on my tan, eat beautiful bread, and hopefully drink some astonishing wine.

Finally, my last stop, a couple of nights in London to catch up with friends and party a bit.

I am ready to get this part of my journey started. It should be a great three months.

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