Sunday, April 19, 2009


I had a fantastic time re-discovering Wellington over the last couple of days. The city is rich in culture, from brilliant restaurants, to seaside trails, to a diverse population. Wellington is the center of government in New Zealand and holds a lot of corporate power as well.

Describing Wellington is difficult. It is small and compact stretching across hills right down to the sea. It has a vibrant city center concentrated around Lambton Quay, Cuba Street, and Courteney Place. There are also many stage theaters around the have everything from Wayne Brady to Puppetry of the Penis.

Then there is sport. The Westpac Stadium holds thousands for rugby games. I saw kids playing the street. Dad's teaching their young son's and daughter's how to skateboard. Plus there are the skate parks, as well as trails all through the city for those of us that love to run.

Oh, and I must speak about the restaurants. I had a delightful experience at my favorite restaurant Hummingbird. I also went to a place recommended by my friend Ursula Mensen called Monsoon Poon. AMAZING!!!!

So, Wellington is the size of Des Moines, the landscape of San Francisco, and the feel of New York - I can describe it after all!

Oh, check out Facebook, I put heaps of pictures on there.

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