Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Australia is a very important place for me. In 2002-2003 I lived amongst the Aussies on my first solo trip and first time living out of the United States. I had a very memorable experience living in Sydney and traveling to Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Alice Springs, Uluru, Cairns, Brisbane, and all the way down the East Coast. In Australia, I met some of my lifelong friends, saw spiritual land, took a long train across the Nullabor Plane, learned to dive, went on a three day sailing trip, got lost on Fraser Island, chilled out in Byron Bay, kept up with the Sydney speed, went to heaps of beaches, had a great tan, drank too much Goon, hung out with Kwokkas, and had the time of my life.

On this trip, I decided to revisit my old stops in Sydney and then head up to Cairns for some heat! Remember, this is winter in Australia!

Sydney is such as special place for me. I worked at the Four Seasons hotel meeting heaps of celebrities and friends. I lived with a big group of people at Footprints Westend for a few months and then with Greg at a flash place on Kent Street. I loved spending time in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Oxford Street, Tamarama Beach, Lady Jane Beach, the Opera House, Hyde Park, and in the Rocks. Sydney is amazing not only because it is vibrant, but the harbor and weather make it even better.

On this trip I went down Pitt Street, Darling Harbor, Watson’s Bay, Bondi Beach, Manly, and a whole heap of other places. It makes me so happy that I lived, worked and played in Australia. What was different was the weather. It was really cold in Sydney and their was heaps of rain. It is crazy to be in a winter where it is still around 20C/68F everyday.

Cairns is in the tropical north of Queensland. After a week in Sydney I needed a few rays of sun. Cairns is home to one of the best spots to get onto the Great Barrier Reef. It also has a huge lagoon for swimming (there are crocs and box jellyfish in the waters of Cairns, it will kill you) and laying out. During my stay there was music most days around the lagoon.

Cairns also gave me an opportunity for me to hang out with my mate Heather, from Taupo whom lives in Cairns. We did a lot of walking, drinking, and hanging out while in the tropical north. It was great!

There are heaps of photos on my Facebook page, check them out!

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