Monday, June 22, 2009

Thai International Airways

I can’t believe how much I am sweating so far on my journey to Thailand. What was amazing was getting here. I flew on Thai Airways from Sydney to Bangkok. The 9-hour or 4,600 mile journey was the second longest of this Round the World trip (Los Angeles to Auckland was about 6,500 miles). The service was impeccable. When I was seated in my economy position, it seemed like I was in a United Premium Economy seat (heaps of leg room), but no, it was the regular economy. The passengers were given a menu of what was being offered on the flight, remember, I was in economy. Then the drink carts were rolled out. Free booze and soft drinks for everyone, constantly. Every time I looked at the aisle there was someone offering something to drink, I felt like the Flight Attendants never had a break.

Then the meals came. I had the lamb, which was a good serving size, and very tasty for airline food. After they dimmed the lights I got to watch several movies and television shows on my own time, not them telling me what to watch. Then, about two hours prior to landing we had another dinner service of some type of pasta dish, which was also quite nice. Plus, two different hot towel services and I am convinced that Thai International Airways might be the best out there, but they have some awards to prove it! Thanks Thai!

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