Sunday, September 20, 2009

San Francisco...Why Not?

I will be honest, I really wanted to go to San Francisco next weekend. It is a city I am very interested in learning more about and exploring. But, the day I wanted to book the ticket from Des Moines the prices had shot up over my budget. I was slightly crushed, but still very happy about the weekend in San Diego.

Thursday night I was bored, so I thought why not see how much it would be to fly from San Deigo to San Francisco for a day, my friend Max would be there and it would be great to see him. I was shocked! I found a roundtrip ticket on my favorite domestic, hub-and-spoke, legacy carrier for only $76.00 for the day! So add San Francisco to the list!

This trip is totally my style, trying to cram in a lot, at a reasonable price. I will have video and pictures to show off the fun I am having!

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