Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Here is a warning, you should never rent a car from Avis Rent a Car. Today, I was checking my credit card statement and noticed there was an additional charge from the company. They added the charge because I didn't drive over 70 miles, and didn't show a receipt for filling up the vehicle when I returned it.

First, I accept responsibility for not reading the contract completely. I have rented HUNDREDS of vehicles during work and personal travel so I thought I would be ok. I have never been charged this, and often didn't drive over 70 miles. But, is it a sound business practice to charge people $13.99 for driving only a few miles? Also, when I returned the car nobody asked me to produce a receipt when they looked at the mileage, and the gas was something like $3.00!

Where is the logic. You don't use the car very much, and are charged a fee for not using it enough? Come on, get REAL AVIS.

I guess this means I am going to stick with HERTZ!

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