Thursday, October 15, 2009

San Diego and San Francisco

I celebrated an important birthday in September, it ended in a 0. To celebrate, I wanted to spend a weekend somewhere. I had my Facebook friends pick my location, and the winner was San Diego. My heart was set on San Francisco, but the flight price and time did not match my budget or work schedule, so San Diego it was. A couple of days before leaving I was playing around on an airline website and notice there was a very good price for airline tickets for the Sunday I was going to be in San Diego to go to San Francisco. I bought the ticket.

San Diego
I have often heard rumors that San Diego has the same feel and look that Sydney does. I love Sydney, so I knew San Diego might be my style. I arrived in San Diego very early in the morning and wanted to head straight for the beaches. I spent some time on Black's Beach near La Jolla, just a few minutes north of San Diego. The beaches were covered in fog when I arrived, but it ended up being a stunning midday on the beach. There were interesting people all around, I loved it. Plus, the beach had tall cliffs, similar to those on the east side of Sydney.

I then spent some time in and around the center of the city. Since San Diego is one of the main spots for Marines, there is a strong military presence. There are boats scattered all around the harbor and even some boat, museum type spots. The downtown area has a great district call the Gas Lamp District. There are heaps of high end stores, restaurants, and lots of hotels.

San Diego had a great vibe. There were lots of things to do around the city and the people seemed to love to be outside, and who wouldn't with perfect weather most of the year, as well as being real people. I loved it!

San Francisco
San Francisco has a very live and let live attitude. You can really see anything there, and I wish I would have been there more than 12 hours, but I don't think it is going anywhere. When I got off my early morning flight I went immediately to look for the sites that San Francisco was so famous for. There was Fisherman's wharf, the Financial District, Golden Gay Bridge, Alcatraz, Bay Bridge, amongst others.

There were also interesting people. From businessmen in suits to people walking down the street with very little clothing on. There were good restaurants, nice people, and beautiful weather when I was there. I will be back, soon!

Photos of San Diego and San Francisco on Flickr

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